Kurtis Jackson has dropped one of the most chilled out snowboarding edits I think we’ve ever seen in the Snowboard.com office. The stabilizer-shot follow footage captures rider Alex Pashley as he glides his way through a tree covered powder paradise.

Add to that the gorgeous accompanying soundtrack of Claude Debussy’s “Clair de lune” and this is one snowboard video that’s sure to transport you to your snow covered happy place faster than 5 shots of peach Schnapps and a 1000cc Snowmobile ride.

Asmo Powder Surfer Board
Asmo Phantom 153 Pow Surfer

Looking a little closer you can see that Pashley is not actually riding a Snowboard but an Asmo Pow Surfer. Designed and Built in Austria, these babies have no bindings, just an area of grip padding to stand on, and they have a more scooped concave shape allowing the rider to get that surfy feeling.

I don’t like your chances riding one of these on the groomers, but in powder they look like they handle like a dream!

Asmo Powder Surfer Construction
Asmo Pow Surfers in the Austrian Workshop


Check out the Asmo Pow Surf Boards Here: aesmo.d-item.com

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