Big thanks to Will Mayo for representing at the Dew Tour and interviewing Danny!

****Apologies for the less-than-stellar sound recording – the place was filling up with peeps****

Danny Davis is one of the snowboarders that makes us go all fan boy when we get to interview him. He is a pioneer of modern snowboarding, the ambassador the industry needs, and his commercial Jesus-like appearance is enough to have most boarders totally Wayne and Garthing “we’re not worthy” while on knees in his mere presence. To put it plainly WE LOVE THIS GUY!!

Davis, at only 29yrs old, is a relative veteran of snowboarding. He snowboards for all the right reasons and promotes the best of the sport. If there any mini-shredders reading this – THIS IS THE GUY YOU NEED TO ASPIRE TO BE!! He wasn’t the biggest fan of a lot of the competition processes and motives so launched his own events. Don’t get us wrong, Davis is a competition guru with more wins under his belt than most. He has podium finishes in nearly every major snowboarding competition around the world and managed 10th in Sochi in 2014. But to him the Olympics is far from the be all and end all of competition.

Danny Davis
Danny Davis – Burton image

In partnership with Mountain Dew Danny’s PEACE PARK is a highlight of the competition season. It’s not about being the best in one field of snowboarding, it’s about being a master of all the elements of snowboarding and most of all just having fun.

Then there is the FRENDLY GATHERING (they don’t believe there should be an “i” in friend). A blues and roots festival that has snowballed into one of the coolest music festivals in the U.S.. For Danny it’s not just about being on the snow, it’s about a lifestyle. Is he the Bodhi (POINT BREAK) of Boarding? Hell yes – we’ll take it.


The Frendly Gathering originated as a way to bring Frends from all over the world to one place to share a deep love for music, snowboarding and the outdoors. Historically we used our sport and collective ethos to unite a diverse group of athletes. Within just a few years it became clear that this Frendly movement was meant to transform the lives of people around the world. What started as a 250 person mini-gathering put on by The Frends Crew, has now evolved into a three-day grassroots music festival and a dream come true for us. 


Full Name: Danny Davis
Discipline: Multiple – mainly between Slopestyle and Pipe
DOB: June 22, 1988
Birth place: Highland, MI
Lives: Truckee, CA
Sponsors: Burton Snowboards, Mountain Dew, Dragon Eyewear, Frends, Martin Guitars, Sony Action Cam
Stalk Danny: WebsiteInsta/ FB/ Twitter

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