Outside TV recently premiered Peace Park: The Series on their website HERE.  In conjunction with this digital series Mountain Dew sponsored the Peace Park Campfire Contest – which tasked riders to get out there, create some snowboarding videos, and share them via Campfire to win some big prizes. Prizing incentives included: Danny Davis Burton Snowboard, D’Angelico Guitar, Dragon Goggles & Sunglasses, Burton Hoodie AND a personal congratulatory video from Danny himself…

After spending way too much of my working day watching these videos all I can say is “WOW” or “holy shit these are awesome” The talent pool out there is insane!! So much so the reaction video of Danny Davis (below) watching the winner’s video pretty much sums it all up.

Check out the winner – Andrew Riddle – and his edits HERE.

While the Peace Park Campfire Contest is now over Outside TV’s Campfire Video of the Month is ongoing. You send in footage of you doing mountain adventure stuff – not restricted to snowboarding – people vote – be the highest voted and win shit – easy as! After the success of the 2017 Peace Park – don’t quote me, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they re-launch the 2018/2019 Peace Park Campfire Contest again at the end of the year.

To see more snowboarding videos clickety click HERE.