HCSC 2017: Session 1 Recap,

The private park on Palmer Glacier was blessed with 8 days of bluebird for High Cascade’s first “Signature Session”. The Lick the Cat crew were on hand to soak in the rays and throw down some heat for the lucky campers. The snow conditions were perfect, the new 18ft mini-pipe was shredded and everybody was super stoked. Sun’s out, fun’s out!

Featuring: Reid Smith, Zak Hale, Spencer Schubert, Jed Sky, River Richer, Ari Morrone, Cooper Whitier, Sage Kotsenburg, Max Warbington, Nate Carroll, Sam Taxwood, Brett Wilkinson, & Ryan Paul.

Filmed by: Jacob Howell, Brent McCarron, and Jerm
Edited by: Jacob Howell

HCSC 2017: Session 2 Recap

Not all the camps are closedโ€ฆ This highlight vid from High Cascade is hammer full of heavy rails, big booters and one foot fun. Mt. Hood looks amazing! The high snowpack and hot, hot sun mixed for soft snow and slushy fun for campers, guests, and “Signature Session” Pros Ben Ferguson & Hana Beaman. Good times, sunshine, and high fives.

Also shredding – Reid Smith, Mark Wilson, Max Warbington, Jordan Morse, Gabe Ferguson. Jed Sky, Dru Brownrigg, River Richer, Vinny, Dusty Miller, Brendon Rego. Al Grogan, Rob Roethler, Mike McDaniel, Nate Carroll, Nick Erickson, Pat Fava, Oliver Dixon and Luke Winkelmann.

Filmed by: Jake Howell, Brent McCarron, Zak Peterson, Miles Perreault, Colton Feldman, Tyler Orton

Edited by: Jake Howell

HCSC 2017: Session 3 Recap

More summer shredding from the High cascade crew. Mt. Hood put on the sun for some hot park laps. Just in time too, for the Drink Water boys to come host the 6th Annual Rat Race.

Riders – Jake Kuzyk, Riley Nickerson, Jed Sky, Reid Smith, Parker Szumowsk. Forest Bailey, Luke Winkelmann, Al Grogan, River Richer. Max Warbington, Rob Roether, Tim Eddy, Robby Meehan, Dusty Miller, Boody. Pat Fava, Andrew Zimmers, Cooper Whittier, Shane Chappell, Brady Lem, Jordan Morse.

Filmers – Jake Howell, Brent McCarron, Zak Peterson, and Miles Perreault.

Editor – Brent McCarron.

HCSC 2017: Session 4 Recap

Menage a trois + 1. Another hammer session from the crew at High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Mt. Hood.
How many edits can they pump out?! This is definitely the standout so far this season with riding from Jacob Krugmire, Max Warbington. River Richer, Cooper Whittier, Reid Smith, Nate Carroll, Brett Wilkinson, Cole Navin. Dillon Ojo, Riley Nickerson, Danny McGonagle, Benny Milam, Christian Hobush. Anna Gasser, Rob Roethler, Jed Sky, Dusty Miller. Ted Borland, Shaun Murphy, Pata Fava, and Jesse Paul.

The Signature Session Pros this time round were Chris Grenier, Chris Beresford, Desiree Melancon. Jesse Burtner, Scott Stevens, and Bode Merrill. Not a bad crew…

Bodeโ€™s 6th Annual Merrill Mini Pipe Invitational was all time, and got the campers hyped. Along with epic weather was some epic riding from half pipe legends Danny Davis and Louie Vito.

Filmed by: Jake Howell, Brent McCarron, Zak Peterson, Anthony Drolet

Edited by: Brent McCarron

HCSC 2017: Session 5 Recap

With one of the best Summers of snowboarding in recent memory slowly winding up, the Videograss crew hit the Hood. A little less snow but still plenty of sunny rail sessions on offer. The park crew keeping the pipe and kickers looking mint!

Featuring – Travis Cullison, Chas Guldemond, Mike Rav, Benny Milam, Jed Sky. Jeffy, Cody Beiersdorf, Dusty Miller, Jackie Lammert, Martyn Vachon, Jesse Augustinus. Cooper Whittier, Joey Peterson, Jordan Small, Christian Hobush, Rob Roethler and Reid Smith.

Filmed by Jake Howell, Brent McCarron, Miles Perreault, Zak Peterson, Anthony Drolet

Edited by Jake Howell

HCSC 2017: Session 6 Recap

The Final session, until next year at Mt. Hood…. only a few months away?!? Featuring Al Grogan, Austin Sweeten, River Richer. Travis Cullison, Mike Rav, Johnny O’Connor, Ben Bogart, Erik Leon. Jeffy Gabrick, Ryan Paul, Quin Ellul, Dusty Miller, Sean Neary, Lucio, and Jed Sky.

Filmed by Jacob Howell, Brent McCarron, Paul Osbourne, Mimi Perreault, and Zak Peterson.

Editing by Brent McCarron.

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