Of all the video submissions of the last few months Ray Prentice’s Ep 1 in the LAAX ANGELES series has been one of my faves. It’s just some genuine mates who can board well and make some good video. The production qualities aren’t Travis Rice quality but the combo of the boarding and the music kept me enthralled, besides, some epic shredding sprinkled in steeze goes a long way.

Red Bull agrees – they have put it online and must be on board as a sponsor of sorts. This is episode one of their series and a few eps will come out during the rest of the year, followed by a monster edit full movie. Can’t wait to see it. These guys remind me of me growing up, they can just board a lot better haha.


Raymond Prentice
Raymond Prentice’s Laax Angeles Video Series – Image Courtesy of Raymond Prentice


After the success of last year’s webisode series (DRINK DA TEA), Raymond Prentice called up his friend Giorgio Nobilli, who has now become the official videographer of the LAAX ANGELES project, and told him that this was the year that he wanted to make something big. They started chatting about it and it didn’t take long until they agreed that the focus would not only be snowboarding and that they wanted to make something that shows a bit more of how sick their daily lives have become. They finally decided that they would release a couple of episodes during the season to keep everyone happy but also make sure they kept the good stuff for the final movie.

A couple of months into the season they are finally ready to release the first episode which the whole team is stoked about. It all started off in France where Rise Festival invited Raymond to join, he immediately called up Gio and some friends and they started driving towards Les Deux Alpes. Unfortunately, Raymond had just suffered a minor knee injury so couldn’t ride but it was still a great trip to reunite the whole team and make plans for the season.


Raymond Prentice


They decided that they would spend the start of the Season in Switzerland so just a month later they were all back together to continue the project. It appears the boys really sent it while in Laax.

There will be more episodes coming.

Music By: Axel Thesleff, Bad Karma Far East Movement, SXWME

Filmed and Edited by: Giorgio Nobili

Production by: Raymond Prentice

Check out the series below and also on Red Bull.

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