Forget “Netflix and Chill” – thanks to Skier Dan we get the much better – “Skiers Crashing and LOL”. Now, we are all about love between skiers and boarders, but holy shit this is hilarious to watch. It’s like Funniest Home Videos on crack. We have cringed in empathy as much as we have laughed. Thoughts go out to the injured people and we hope everyone recovered A-OK so they can do something stupid again soon.

Grab a beer – this is 20mins of pain and laughter.


One more bonus of boarding is your legs can’t split on either side of a rail – it’s painful just thinking about it.



Skier Dan runs two YouTube channels – one of them is Skier Dan and the other is Ski Creative. Can’t recommend you check out Skier Dan enough – hours of fun viewing.



Share your Epic Fails!!!

Shout-out to all – we want your best Snowboarding vids – the gnarliest, the most painful = THE BETTER. Please embrace the embarrassment, show off your pain and stupidity and send them in to



On a serious note: Board and Ski safe and smart – if you aren’t wearing a helmet on the slopes these days, you’re an idiot.
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